Corel Scripts

Corel Draw scripts devel­oped for high-qual­i­ty ready-to-pub­li­ca­tions draw­ing of chem­i­cal struc­tures, spec­tra, PES pro­files.

All the scripts are devel­oped orig­i­nal­ly at Corel­Draw v.11. They can be adapt­ed for oth­er ver­sions of Corel Draw by chang­ing the num­ber of the Automa­tion state­ment inside the script to the num­ber of the cor­re­spond­ing ver­sion.

  • MolScript (updat­ed ver­sion which can draw both ball-and stick and wire­frame mod­els) — script for high-qual­i­ty ready-to-pub­li­ca­tions draw­ing of chem­i­cal struc­tures. It takes the “last view” carte­sian coor­di­nates from the Moltran .MOU files. So, it can visu­al­ize the struc­tures cal­cu­lat­ed by all the quan­tum chem­i­cal pro­grams known to Moltran includ­ing Gauss­ian, GAMESS, Priro­da, CFOUR, and var­i­ous XYZ-for­mats.
  • Spec­tr — a script for visu­al­iz­ing the IR spec­tra cal­cu­lat­ed by QC pro­gram. The input data (fre­quen­cies and IR inten­si­ties) are tak­en from the Moltran .MOU file gen­er­at­ed after pro­cess­ing the QC pro­gram out­put by Moltran. All the cus­tomized para­me­ters (width, scale fac­tors etc) for draw­ing are inside the scripts.
  • Elec­tron­Spec­trum- the same as Spec­tr11 but for draw­ing of elec­tron­ic spec­tra cal­cu­lat­ed by Gauss­ian. It takes data from .EXS files gen­er­at­ed by the pro­gram ReadExcitedStates.exe which extracts it from the Gauss­ian out­put.
  • Plt­draw — draw the orbital ener­gies allow­ing com­par­i­son of the orbital ener­gies of sev­er­al mol­e­cules. It takes the input data from the .PLT file gen­er­at­ed by the LEVELS pro­gram from Gauss­ian out­puts.
  • CorelDRAW11.gms — gms file of Corel­Draw v.11 con­tain­ing the script for draw­ing of PES pro­files described in .EDG file. It is con­ve­nient to com­pile .EDG from sim­pli­er .EDX file using  edx2edg util­i­ty (unrar it and check the sam­ple file socl2-2h2o.edx). Com­mands: (1) edx2edg a.edx (2) open CorelDraw->VisualBasic->PltDraw1, set Input­File to “a.edg”, run the script (F5).

All the files are com­pressed by RAR due to the secu­ri­ty require­ments of the web site. All the scripts requres Corel DRAW ™ suite includ­ing the CorelScript tool.

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